My New Journey

I am so proud of myself right now. I actually took the plunge and called one of the coaches at Crossfit. I had a great conversation with him, and he told me that he usually allows people to take the first three foundation classes for free. Well, since I am absolutely obsessed with starting Crossfit right now, and I feel like I would majorly regret it if I didn’t at least give it a shot, I went online last night and registered for the three foundation classes.

Once I actually registered for the classes, I became almost giddy with anticipation and nervousness. That feeling has carried over to today, as I experience butterflies in the pit of my stomach every time I think about going to my first class TOMORROW. But between the butterflies I realized that I really need to define my reasons for doing this. Obsession for the sake of obsession is simply ridiculous, and will probably not get me very far as far as motivation goes.

So I started at the beginning. The Paleo diet has dramatically and completely changed my view on eating, health, and nutrition for the better. I have had no desire to cheat since I started this diet because I know how I will feel if I do. The benefits in energy and a feeling of overall health are so substantial that I don’t ever want to go back to the way I ate before.

So my question has become: how can I transfer these benefits to my fitness? I have seen the benefits that my weight lifting has had, but I have gotten out of the habit of going to the gym. Just the other day I wrote about how I didn’t want to go to the gym because of all of the people that were there. I have recently felt that I am at a crossroads when it comes to my fitness and fitness goals, and one of the reasons why is that I recently used the phrase “I’m going to make myself go to the gym.”

I don’t ever feel like I have to make myself eat this way. I just naturally want to.

I remember when I did sports as a kid. I loved softball, and I loved hitting balls back and forth on the tennis court when I was in high school. I was proud of my skills, and I have such a competitive streak that I constantly want to improve. I tried to recapture that when I became an adult. I played in practice sessions with a men’s softball team about ten years ago and that was really fun, but it didn’t last long. Since then, I haven’t had many opportunities to do anything competitively like that since, mostly because I haven’t felt like I am in shape to do anything like that.

What I have learned through my obsessive research into Crossfit is that it is highly competitive and focuses on many different skill areas. Focus seems to be on personal improvement, as well as competition between members. While this is true to an extent through the workouts that I was doing at the gym, there will be an entire community at Crossfit that is dedicated to the program, as well as to eating Paleo. The coach told me that right now they have a Whole 30 competition going on, too.

With three free classes, I will be able to find out of Crossfit is everything that I think it will be, and I will be able to tell if it is right for me. I will be posting about my experience soon, I’m sure.

Where To Go From Here

So I feel like I am at a crossroads when it comes to my fitness. Not my diet – that is still going well. As a matter of fact I just took a few days off for my birthday and I did a lot of cooking. I now have beef stew, pork chili, and meatloaf sitting in my refrigerator, waiting to be used for my lunches. I even made some mashed cauliflower tonight to go along with the meatloaf and it was very good.

No, I’m talking about my workouts, which have become non-existent the past few weeks. Either I am just totally losing my drive to go to the gym, or I’m bored with it. I’m not sure which is the case right now, but I’m trying to look into other options as far as workouts go. I’m thinking about Crossfit, although it makes me kind of nervous. I have heard of a lot of people getting hurt doing Crossfit, but I know that a lot of Paleo folks swear by it. And…that’s all I’m really thinking about because I’m not sure what else is out there that I would be interested in, either.

See, the last time I went to the gym it was packed. Ridiculously packed. I would be waiting or fighting over a machine packed. And I have been scared to go ever since, because one of the things that I love about my workout is that it doesn’t take me forever to do it. Waiting for a machine would cost me time and frustrate me to no end. As a matter of fact, I left last time without finishing my workout because I didn’t want to wait on the leg press machine.

I know that it won’t be like that forever, but the thought of trying something new excites me. I’m not sure where to go with my fitness goals next, but I do know that I need to do something. I was enjoying the feeling that working out gave me, and the body that I was gaining from it.

Starting Over on the Right Foot

I started doing Power 90 again yesterday. I spent a lot of time online researching how many calories I should eat to lose weight, and how many calories I was usually consuming on this diet, among other things. I got a friend request from a different coach on the beach body website, and his profile prompted me to switch coaches. So far it has been a pretty good decision. This coach seems to be more active on the website and even has a thread on the forum. He has built everyone that he coaches into a team, and he has given them a name: Team “Never Fail Again”. It is very exciting and motivating and I have already gotten the advice to work out every day, even if I don’t work out at 100%. Good advice, and I will take it. Which means that I will work out tomorrow!

I have been staying within my recommended calorie range (as far as I know, I haven’t really checked today). I am excited and I really feel like if I weigh too often I will fail, so I think that I am going to take it easy and maybe weigh once every two weeks with Anitra. I REALLY don’t want to fail!

New Workout Tools!

Last night I was cruising around the websites of different shoe companies (trying to find some good walking shoes!) and I found the coolest tool at New Balance’s website! Its like a personal trainer, where you can set goals, track your progress – it even has videos that you can do! I set my first goal – a two week training program for total body fitness for beginners. I just did my first workout this morning. It didn’t really kick my butt, but I can feel it, which is good. Last night after I set my first goal, I went ahead and set a second one for the next three weeks at the intermediate level, but I think that I may have to change it back to beginner, because that is how out of shape I really am. I am so happy that I found this tool – I even set the website up as my home page so that I will never forget that I have these goals and these workouts to do. I encourage anyone who comes across this blog to check it out! It’s called NB FITS. Let me know what you think!